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Nov 2019 Tue 11/19/2019
Speaker: Kevin Boles
Topic: Common TSQL Mistakes
Speaker: Shawn Weisfeld
Topic: Quick Introduction to GitHub
Dec 2019 Tue 12/17/2019
Speaker: Jay Falck
Topic: Setting up a test lab with Hyper-V

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  • Meeting dates: 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Meeting starts: 5:30 pm with food and a QA session
  • Presentation: 6:00 pm and goes to 7:15 pm
  • Address
    • Quarry Oaks II
    • Microsoft Office
    • Suite 225
    • 10900 Stonelake Blvd.
    • Austin, TX 78759
      • * Free parking
      • * Coming from Braker, go right/straight at the traffic circle and it's the building on the left.
      • * The building is also across from the outdoor basketball court
      • * Not the building attached to the parking garage
      • * Inside the Microsoft office, go right, past the reception desk, to the far back and left
      • * If there is interest, there is sometimes an after-gathering at a local place to talk casually
    • Map:

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SOUTH<br />MyMVCC, Multiversion Concurrency Control<br />Chris McGowan

211 E. William Cannon Drive
Austin, Texas 78745
Time: 18:00 - 19:30

Title: MyMVCC, Multiversion Concurrency Control
by: Chris McGowan

Summary: <p>The nature of MVCC reflects a desire to leverage an optimistic concurrency handling strategy without sacrificing consistency. It is the heart of the I in ACID, that is to say, “Isolation”, for an RDBMS. The alternative to achieve consistency is pessimistic locking, which can even be more efficient in cases where the odds of concurrent success in isolation are low (the symptom of this case being frequent deadlocks).</p> <p>Since most OLTP workloads are working on sufficiently different scopes of data, the optimistic strategy (at the row level) tends to yield better capacity for concurrency, and has therefore become a nearly ubiquitous feature of the modern RDBMS. Understanding the mechanisms of each engine’s MVCC, therefore, gives us an advantage in eliminating more cases that favor the pessimistic strategy.</p> <p>The goal of this presentation is to brief the attendee on: <ul> <li>The coverage of MVCCs (or lack thereof) offered by the most common MySQL storage engines.</li> <li>The gotchas implied by these.</li> <li>Schema modeling strategies to leverage the mechanisms that these MVCC systems employ, and maximize performant options at query time.</li> </ul></p>

Speaker: Chris McGowan:
Bio: None

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